This reanalysis dataset is produced by assimilating available SST, SLA and Argo observations into FIOCOM (wave-tide-circulation Coupled Ocean Model developed by the First Institute of Oceanography, China) model using the data assimilation scheme of EAKF (ensemble adjustment Kalman filter). The FIOCOM model is a state-of-the-art primitive equation general model based on ocean circulation model of MOM5 (Modular Ocean Model, version 5) and surface wave model of MASNUM. In FIOCOM, the non-breaking-surface-wave-induced mixing is incorporated into the K-profile parameterization (KPP) vertical mixing scheme. In order to simulate the mixing effects of tides, the parameterized tidal-induced mixing is also introduced into FIOCOM. The horizontal resolution of the dataset is 0.1°×0.1°. There are 54 vertical layers with separations varying smoothly from about 2 m at surface to 366 m at bottom. The variables of this dataset includes temperature, salinity, current (U/V) and sea surface height.